About Us


Fortrust Security Service Co., Ltd. Is cooperation duty organized and existing under the law of Kingdom of Cambodia.We're private security company, providing professional manned guarding, electronic security systems and security audits for select clients. Established in 2016, and our company is supported by Cambodia Government, Between The Ministry of Interior and The Commissioner General of National Police Cambodia.


Our key services include:

  • Security Personal
  • Armed Guard
  • Body Guard
  • Event Security
  • Transport Security

We also offer a comprehensive range of training courses that reflect best industry practice. At Fortrust Security Service Co., Ltd., we firmly believe that high quality training is vital for our clients’ staff and their business performance. We offer clients a range of customized training courses tailored to fit your team’s needs, all taught by experts.


1. We motivate security guards in team work strive to increase the confidence of our customer by keeping a high quality standard of daily providing and aiming the security performance to the zero mistake and crime with using latest security prevention measure and tactics.

2. We all develop ourselves and improve our
professional skills to the attending the security
training course.


Combining security officers with Technology for a Total solution:

Regardless of the environment, FTS security officers have the training and expertise to deal with any type of threatening situation. The security solution is integrated on that combines superior security officer with technology to provide a complete solution that allows you to focus on your core business and give you peace of mind.motivation.

Manned Security Access Control to your Premise:

1. Screening authority of personal
2. Screening authority of material
3. Screening authority of vehicle

Inspection to assure your security:

1. Confirm safety and security to your premise 24 hours
2. Tighten security performance
3. Intervention to site problems
4. Meeting what scope you need


Fortrust is fully committed to continually improving quality of service to ensure customer satisfaction and to exceed their expectation. The ultimate responsibility for defining the quality policy of the company lies with the Management Team.

Each individual manager must ensure the policies, procedures and systems outlined in Quality Manual are understood, and correctly implemented.


We all build our company to be

1. A highly preferred and internationally recognized as best security service provide in Cambodia.

2. Successful company in organization of leading team work and in the increase of profitability
for company development.

3. The company that have high quality service of both standard and sensible responsibility of team work for building the confident and interest of our customers through effective human resource development program in building the private security professional skill and employees motivation.


Candidates that successfully graduate from our training academy are then uniformed and fully equipped to handle their specific duties and responsibilities. These duties and responsibilities vary widely from client-to client.
Below is a list of some of the different types of duties our security officers perform:

  • Inspecting vehicles entering and leaving a premises
  • Controlling staff, visitor, contractor and vendor entrances and exits
  • Processing visitor entry documentation and providing accurate security information in log books.
  • Conducting visitor escorts to and from departments
  • Monitoring maintenance and construction workers, especially those using flammable liquids, acetylene torches, …etc.
  • Controlling vehicle traffic and parking
  • Operating security control and response centers
  • Conducting investigations
  • Providing rapid response to emergencies
  • Prevent and control workplace violence
  • Dispensing first aid in the event of a medical emergency
  • Managing material control documents
  • Verifying employee identification
  • Screening package and mail for explosive devices
  • Enforcing company security regulations and policies


Trustworthy and reliable security guards for permanent or temporary security requirements.


  • Banks​
  • Airports
  • Factories
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Residences
  • Shopping Malls
  • VIPS - Celebrities
  • Event Security


Our integrate security training system approved by the ministry of interior and the commissioner general of national police Cambodia. All new recruits are carefully selected and go through a tough screening process that includes a police back ground check, finger print, medical check, drug abuse check and biographic check. All security personnel records are maintained in confidential by FTS, the police and our clients. After completing this process, security officer candidates are put through a rigorous physical training course to test their ability to work as a team and counter threats they may experience on the job. All students are required to successfully pass a wide range of security training modules to include fire prevention, criminal detection, self defense, first aid, traffic control, crowd control, diplomacy, report writing, effective communications and use of security related tools and equipment.